Episode Seventy-One: Iasmin Omar Ata

Iasmin Omar Ata joins Kevin to talk about Mis(h)adra, the dystopian world of the trivia app HQ, and fandoms

Isamin’s website

Iasmin Omar Ata is a Middle Eastern / Muslim / epileptic comics artist, game designer, and illustrator who creates art about coping with illness, understanding identity, dismantling oppressive structures, and Arab-Islamic futurism.

best of 2017s

So Pretty Very Rotten – An Nguyen and Jane Mai

Pashmina – Nidi Chanani

La Raza – edited by Fat Fajardo and Pablo Castro

Buncha Jokers – Kris Mukai

My Brother’s Husband – Gengoroh Tagame

You & A Bike & A Road – Eleanor Davis

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