Episode Fourty-Eight: Rob Kirby and the Best of 2016

Rob Kirby is an accomplished cartoonist, and an editor of several anthologies including QU33R (Ignatz winner 2014, best anthology), What’s Your Sign, Girl?, and The Shirley Jackson Project.

We talk about Rob’s origins in the alternative comics community. Through the culture of queer zines and journal comics, Rob found a place and a voice that marries the two worlds.

Rob’s Website

QU33R, available from Northwest Press

What’s Your Sign, Girl? and The Shirley Jackson Project, available from  Ninth Art Press

Rob’s Favorite Comics of 2016 can be found here: http://robkirbycomics.com/RobKirbyComics/Blog/Entries/2016/12/12_Robs_6th_Annual_Top_20_Comics_List__the_2016_Edition.html

Kevin’s Favorite Comics of 2016 can be found in this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/knittedsweater/status/808413137934450692



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