Episode Fifteen: Rachel Dukes

In this episode we have a chat with comics artist Rachel Dukes, who lives in Los Angeles, over skype, and boy what a fruitful chat it was! Rachel shares with us how she deals the with solitude of being an artist, working from home (and in the dead of night), how she stays productive, some lessons from a successful Kickstarter campaign, and oh so much more!

A special thanks to The Lodge Management group and Wingfest.net for sponsoring this episode, as well as The Chicago Podcast Coop!

We’d also like to give a shout out to Open Ended FM, a weekly podcast exploring digital humanity from the black perspective, which is hosted by our friend James T. Green and Cher Vincent. Cher and James cover a multitude of topics each week, but each topic they discuss is done in a very genuine and open way — they speak real, talking about the things we don’t always think are okay to talk about.

Rachel on the web:

Show Notes:


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